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1966-1967 football season

fun in the snow

The 1966 football season began with the annual Kick-Off dinner held at the Pittsburgh Hilton. Apparently Mr. Rooney had softened a little in his "no fraternization" policy. Three years earlier just talking to one of the players was grounds for dismissal from the squad. This dinner gave the Steelerettes an opportunity to meet the players and their families and socialize with some local celebrities and government officials. By following Mr. Rooney's rules, we had earned his respect and his trust. He still didn't particularly like "girls" on the football field, but, he had finally accepted our presence. The picture to the left was taken outside the Civic Arena during the first snowfall of the year in Pittsburgh. The Steelerettes were there to do a halftime show at a basketball game and a photographer got this shot of the girls clowning around in the snow. The picture was picked up by the World Wide Press and it appeared in newspapers all around the world.


From the beginning the famous (and sometimes infamous) pyramid had been our trademark. Beginning with the 1963 squad and continuing until the end, carefully choreographed acrobatic maneuvers were used to disassemble the pyramid. The girl in the top position did a backflip onto the field, then a series of cartwheels ending in a split to begin the formation. The next two did their backflips and cartwheels ending in a split on each side of the first girl and so on until we ended up forming a "V" on the field. We did this several times during the game and it was a genuine crowd pleaser.

performing at RMJC

The Steelerettes had become local celebrities and were called upon to perform at many Pittsburgh fuctions. Sometimes the squad performed as a group and sometimes individual members were selected to represent the squad. The picture to the left was taken at a talent show at the downtown campus of Robert Morris. The girls appeared as a group on a local early morning television show, they entertained at a Sears convention and a Home Builders Association function. Diane, Barb and Valerie were selected to appear at a Dr. Pepper convention being held in Pittsburgh. What incredible memories we have to pass on to our children. Andy Warhol (a Pittsburgh native) once said "Everyone will be famous for 15 minutes". The Steelerettes had their brush with national fame when Diane received a call from Columbia Records requesting a limited number of Steelerettes to perform during an Andy Williams/Henry Mancini concert at the Civic Arena. The girls appeared onstage providing the backdrop for "Watching All The Girls Go By" sung by Andy Williams. Life just doesn't get any better than this! The real thrill came after the show when the girls actually got to meet these two superstars and were presented with autographed albums.

1966 had been a very busy year and Diane Battiste had demonstrated the ability to train and manage the Steelerettes for a year without Eleanor Lineman. Although she had graduated from RMC and would no longer be performing, she was asked to come back for the 1967 season and train the new squad.

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1966 Wins/Losses/Ties (5-8-1)
Date Opp Final
Sun 09/11 NYG T 34-34
Sun 09/18 Det W 17-3
Sun 09/25 Wash L 27-33
Sat 10/02 @Wash L 10-24
Sat 10-08 @Cle L 10-41
Sun 10/16 Phil L 14-31
Sun 10/30 @Dal L 21-52
Sun 11/06 Cle W 16-6
Sun 11/13 StL W 30-9
Sun 11/20 Dal L 7-20
Sun 11/27 @StL L 3-6
Sun 12/04 @Phil L 23-27
Sun 12/11 @NYG W 47-28
Sun 12/18 @Atl W 57-33

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