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Here we go, Steelers -- HERE WE GO!

1965-1966 football season

Eleanor in charge

By all accounts, the experiment with the choreographer had been a dismal failure. By the middle of the 1964 football season she was gone and so were the all-black uniforms. Eleanor Lineman had returned to get the Steelerettes back on track and the first order of business was new uniforms. Our ONLY compensation was a couple of complimentary tickets to each game, so a second uniform was out of the question, unless the girls made their own. Never underestimate the determination and resourcefulness of a group of 17 and 18 year old girls. A pattern was purchased along with some material and each girl sewed her own uniform for the second half of the season. Being a Steelerette was about the best fun anyone could have, but it was also a lot of hard work. Practice was held after school nearly every day and Saturday workouts lasted four and five hours. Those precision routines don't just happen by accident. Our feet hurt, our muscles ached and just when we thought we had given all we had to give, Eleanor would yell "Come on girls, let's do it ONE MORE TIME! Keep those toes pointed, and remember, SMILE, SMILE, SMILE!" Frequently, smiling was the last thing we wanted to do. Hard work, yes -- but, the rewards were great.


Our duties didn't end with the football season. We practiced year round and made many appearances at charity functions, hospitals and schools. The Steelerettes were also regular performers during halftime at the Duquesne University basketball games. Yes, we certainly kept busy and we loved every minute.

1965 Yearbook picture

This group picture of the 1965 Steelerettes was taken for the Robert Morris College yearbook. From left to right, they are Donna Talarico; Mary Ann Wolfe; Cindy Murray; Jan Rudolph; Diane Battiste (Captain); Barb Pawlesh; Patty Tanner; Valerie Mafrice and Marlene Phillips..

Eleanor had come back long enough to make sure the Steelerettes were once again the class act they started out to be. Having accomplished this mission, Eleanor, for the second time, announced her decision to retire. Once again, a new captain had to be selected. This time Diane Battiste, a two year veteran, was chosen to lead the Steelerettes into the 1966 football season.

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1965 Wins/Losses/Ties (2-12-0)
Date Opp Final
Sun 09/19 GB L 09-41
Sun 09/26 @SF L 17-27
Sun 10/03 NYG L 13-23
Sat 10/09 @Cle L 19-24
Sun 10/17 StL L 7-20
Sun 10/24 @Phil W 20-14
Sun 10/31 Dal W 22-13
Sun 11/07 @StL L 17-21
Sun 11/14 @Dal L 17-24
Sun 11/21 Wash L 3-31
Sun 11/28 @Cle W 44-17
Sun 12/05 @NYG L 10-35
Sun 12/12 Phil L 13-47
Sun 12/19 @Wash L 14-35

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