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Since so many of you are miles away, I thought this Picture Gallery might be a good way to share our fun. If any of you plan to be in the 'burgh sometime, let us know and we'll arrange an "event". Please keep in touch. Don't forget -- we all share something unique that bonds us together in a very special way. The Steelerettes ceased to exist in 1969, but the friendship of the RAH RAH SISTERHOOD will last forever.

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Knowing Jeanne as we do, I don't think any of us doubted she would make good on her dream to experience skydiving. Well, she did it and lived to tell the story.
I'm not sure whether that look on her face is enjoyment or terror. Whichever it is, she gets the Rah Rah Sisterhood Lifetime Award for Bravery.

Jeanne's great adventure

On January 31, 2009, (the day before the greatest Super Bowl in history) those of us who could, met at the History Center to honor Diane. It was an emotional day for all of us. The plaque is beautiful and situated in a perfect place on the Black & Gold Wall. Some of you couldn't be there and I know you would like to see the Steelerettes tribute to a wonderful person. We were pleased that Diane's husband, Ken, and two of her close friends, Sandy and Betsy, were able to be with us. Enjoy the pictures.

Ken and JeanneBarb KruzeKen and BarbBarb and Ken in front of Diane's plaquethe plaquethe GroupDiane's signature

During one of our previous visits to the History Center, we were asked to choose a representative to sign the "wall". Of course, the obvious choice was Diane. How appropriate.

Steelers Training Camp - August 2006

Diane and NorreenAlan FanecaCharlie BatchTroy PolamaluWarmUpsTraining Camp 2006Training Camp 2006

Stonewall Jackson Resort - October 2006

Val, Dianne, Denise, Barb Norreen, Fran, Barb, JeanneJeanne, Marlene, Norreen(top); Val (bottom) The GroupThe Groupon the steps at Stonewallthe group

Stonewall Jackson Resort - September 2007

On the deck with our neighborsDenise, Norreen, Val, DianeAt the WineryCheck out the matching bagsThe four brave kayakersNorreen, Dianne, Jeanne, Val, BarbMarlene and the borrowed bug zapper

Stonewall Jackson Resort - September 2008

Posing on our cottage stairsOur favorite WV winerySandy and JeanneWaiting for the bus? Marlene, Val, Norreen and BarbDenise and Sherry.  Renewed friendships are the best.Marlene, Fran and SandyOur favorite place to be for the weekend -- on the deck.

Stonewall Jackson Resort - September 2009

This is what it's all aboutOur annual visit to the WineryYep, we really were there. Scary place!The Trans-Allegheny Lunatic AsylumDeparture day

Deep Creek, Maryland - September 2010

It's ALWAYS Five O'Clock SomewhereTrish, Bonnie, Judy, LynnTrish, Barbara, Jeanne, NorreenIn all our glory -- THE RAH-RAH SISTERHOODWe love our Honorary Steelerettes, Janet and SandyNorreen, Trish and JeanneAt least one of our sisters has talent.  Jeanne made a glass for everyone and they are spectacular.  Thanks Jeanne

"The Ladies Who Lunch"

History CenterOur Pyramid(l to r) Barb, Jeanne, Diane, Dianne, PatMaryAnn and MarleneLunch 2002Lunch 2003Max & Erma's, May 2009

Homecoming at RMU

October 2002October 2003October 2003October 2003October 2004October 2005October 2005Homecoming 2006Steelerettes & RMU Cheerleaders

Come back soon -- more pictures will be added whenever time permits.